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AIM Model and Toolkit

  • Version Number and Release Date: AIM XSLT Transformation to DICOM Standard TDI 1500 - August 2018, AIM Model 4.0 2 - March 2013February 2018, AIM Toolkit 4.1- November 2013, AIM Template Service 2.0 - April 2014, AIM on ClearCanvas┬« Workstation 4.5 - May 2014, AIM Template Builder 2.0 - January 2013
  • Primary audience: Investigators, researchers, implementers, workstation vendors, clinicians interpreting and manipulating images
  • Installation Level: Advanced - technical team required for installation
  • System Requirements:
    • MS Windows 2000 or better, 512 MB RAM or better
    • MS Visual Studio 2005 (SP1)
    • Source code available. Binaries available for Windows.


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