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Much use of EVS content comes from redistribution on non-CBIIT Servers. Here are a few of the major redistribution points for which meaningful use information is available.

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minLevel2 Servers

The NCI Office of Communications and Public Liaison (OCPL) has been a partner in, contributor to, and user of EVS since 1999 (see NCI User Profile section). The NCI Drug Dictionary is a joint effort providing NCI Thesaurus drug definitions and other information linked to active and closed cancer clinical trials, and is used by tens of thousands of visitors monthly representing some 2-3% of the total. NCI Drug Dictionary use, monthly average (January 2010 - June 2011)

Average Monthly

NCI Drug Dictionary Global

% of

Unique Visitors








Page Views




Time Spent

4.98 minutes

7.6 minutes


OCPL also disseminates EVS content in a variety of other ways, including the Terminology Resources pages.

FDA Servers

FDA publishes many NCIt-based FDA terminology code lists on its own servers, while also pointing to EVS servers for file, API and browser access. FDA also mounts these and EVS-maintained CDISC lists on internal servers for extensive data submission validation and other purposes.

CDISC Servers

CDISC STDM, CDASH and several other vocabulary subsets are maintained in the NCI Thesaurus. EVS personnel generate monthly files which are posted to the CBIIT FTP site and also redistributed by CDISC. Downloads registered by CDISC from their own site 2009-2011 yield the following overview counts.

  • SDTM – 2,973 registered downloads from individuals in 1,524 companies/organizations
  • CDASH – 866 registered downloads from individuals in 603 companies/organizations

The figures below show registered downloads by top downloaders of this data from CDISC servers, aggregated by company or organization. The individuals and contact information for these downloads are known to CDISC.

Top downloaders of SDTM files from CDISC servers, by number of downloads (2009-2011)
chart showing top downloaders of SDTM files from CDISC servers by number of downloadsImage Removed

Top downloaders of CDASH files from CDISC servers, by number of downloads (2009-2011)
Chart showing top downloaders of CDASH files from CDISC servers by number of downloadsImage Removed


NLM's UMLS, with some 5,500 registered users, is an important user and redistributor of NCI Thesaurus and other EVS content. While no statistics are available, NCIt is one of the larger and most content-rich sources within UMLS, and UMLS file and browser redistribution of NCI content is a significant source of use.

NLM gets over 10,000,000 hits monthly on its 27,000 DailyMed SPL files, all of which are coded using EVS maintained SPL terminology from NCI Thesaurus.


The Vocabulary Knowledge Center had 19,156 unique visitors with 89,649 page views from June 1 2010 – June 30 2011. This includes a significant quantity of EVS resources, but breakdowns specific to EVS are not currently available. (Note: VKC Services were suspended May 12, 2012. The Vocabulary Knowledge Center wiki and forums remain available for browsing.)

NCBO BioPortal

NCBO BioPortal is an important access and distribution point for NCI Thesaurus, with an average of 1,000 to 2,000 NCIt visits each month and about 20 projects registered there as NCIt users.