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Comment: Copied rows from the list of remaining minor Bulk Load tickets from the “Sprint 37 2022-10-12-Final Release Notes and Cheat Sheet.xls” file in Denise's 10/24 email.


Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALSForm Download: Reused CDE DraftFieldName not being made unique.DSRMWS-2110
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Fixes Catch Duplicates in File before Validate from Sprint 36.DSRMWS-2151
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Fixes for Sprint 36 to improve "Date CDE Created" field display format.DSRMWS-2147
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import Fixes from Sprint 36 for Invalid Concepts.DSRMWS-2154
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM Import Template and Grid Changes. DSRMWS-2131
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM VD Non-Enumerated and Retired error improvement.DSRMWS-2132
Bulk Loader TasksVD and DEC Import CD Popup need to be constrained.DSRMWS-2114
Bulk Loader Tasks

VM Match for special character:

  (  |  ) ; - _
caDSR ReverseAPI: PermissibleValue >> getValueDomainPermissibleValueCollection returns wrong results.DSRMWS-2113
Change ManagementCreate DEC and Create From Existing definition contains leading underscore (_).DSRMWS-2133
Change ManagementForms: Display Order for Valid Value and Question should not be null.DSRMWS-2172
SecurityBrowse CDEs by Data Element Concept: 2 hook commands are missing for Form Context Curator.DSRMWS-2160
UI ChangesAI: Hide "ITEM_NM_CURATED" when select columns for Summary Report DSRMWS-2142
UI ChangesForm: Hide "ITEM_NM_CURATED", "Attribute based access control" and add Public ID and Version for Summary Report. DSRMWS-2186

Issues Not Fixed in This Sprint

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Match: Exclude Retired CDEsNoneDSRMWS-2213
Bulk Loader TasksDesignation: Import all fields without validationNoneDSRMWS-2193
Bulk Loader TasksMake Export to Excel reports Match GridNoneDSRMWS-2171
Bulk Loader TasksMake Summary Report in Excel reports Match GridNoneDSRMWS-2180
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM Import: Alt Name Language needs to be validatedNoneDSRMWS-2187

Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.