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Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Match search improvements to look for Alternate Names that are "contained" in the column name.DSRMWS-2236
Bulk Loader TasksAll Imports: Make Delivery Options Export to Excel reports Match Grid.DSRMWS-2239
Bulk Loader TasksAll Imports: Remove Deleted Columns in Delivery Options Summary & Details Column Selection.DSRMWS-2240
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import: Redesign DEC Import so that invalid concepts don't allow gaps at Create Step and add Import Validation Message.DSRMWS-2183
Bulk Loader TasksVD Import: Make Primary Rep Term Mandatory, change Rep Concepts to Rep Term Qualifier Concepts.DSRMWS-2190
Bulk Loader TasksVM Match: Change column name from "Hdr Id" to "VM Name". DSRMWS-2274
CartNamed User Cart: Ability to Retain or Delete, Move Item Type for all carts.DSRMWS-2221
Change ManagementConcepts: Change NCIt Concept Import to import Parent Concept - Phase I - Step 2 PV Parents.DSRMWS-2237
Change ManagementPV/VM: Provide ability for Super Curators to create PV/VM Front End from Parent concepts - Phase I - Step 3.DSRMWS-2270
Change ManagementPrivileges: Give Form Builder and Super Curator access to Form Data Audit.DSRMWS-2290
Change ManagementForms: Duplicate PV in the CDE for a Question Causes Change VM Text and Add Missing Valid Values to fail.DSRMWS-2296
Change ManagementPrinter Friendly Report: Improvements to Expand/Collapse all enumerated Questions.DSRMWS-2224
Change ManagementStandalone Module: Improvement to enable reset question order.DSRMWS-2267
Change ManagementStandalone Module: Associate SA module with form when create new Form Version.DSRMWS-2286
Change ManagementStandalone Module: Allow Super Curator to Propagate Changes to the forms where module as copied via "Add" and "Replace".DSRMWS-2222
Change ManagementValue Domains: PV Parent Concept - Phase II - Step 1 - Design.DSRMWS-2217
DownloadCreate a Guest Account to allow public user to access the Download Collection.DSRMWS-1164
LoadingBulk Loading: Loading Form metadata from REDCap formatted csv CSV file - Phase II - Step 1.DSRMWS-2233
UI ChangesNamed User Cart: Change sort order to Long Name within Item type within Cart Name.DSRMWS-2276

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.


Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundNotesJira Tracker Number
Change ManagementDeep Link automatically logged user off from OneData.Will not fix.DSRMWS-2256
SearchConcepts: Need to be able to search for Concepts that have been modified in Explicit Where. Audit Columns cannot be added to the Explicit Where clause dropdown. The workaround is to create and save a user Filter using an explicit where:  a.LST_UPD_DT > a.CREAT_DT and the user names being searched in the "Last Modified By" column.DSRMWS-2228

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.39.2 Testing