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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
caDSR Sprint Release Notes
November 10, 2022





Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvementsbug fixes.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Match: Exclude Retired CDEs.DSRMWS-2213
Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksDesignation: Import all fields without validation.DSRMWS-2193
Bulk Loader TasksDelivery Options: Make Summary Report in Excel fields the frontend UI search results.DSRMWS-2180
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM Import: Alt Name Language needs to be validated.DSRMWS-2187
Change ManagementForms: Error on Prod Create Form From ExistingDSRMWS-2278
Change ManagementPrinter Friendly Report: Switch Order of Question Text and Question Instructions.DSRMWS-2232
Change Management
Form Data Audit and Data Audit fixes: Question Text longer than 255 fails, make Version x.x, show Language name instead of ID.DSRMWS-2212Change ManagementForm Data Audit: Make hook command "Trigger Data Audit" available to Form Context Curator.DSRMWS-2140Change ManagementForms/Modules: Keep Module Public ID the same when Form is Versioned, Module will be assigned the same version as the form.DSRMWS-2226Change ManagementForms: Additional Forms Administrative field to support Reviewer Comments.DSRMWS-1849Change ManagementUpdate Bulk: Append new Administrative Notes to the existing Administrative Notes instead of replacing.DSRMWS-2004Change ManagementForms: Ability for Super Curators to create and manage Standalone Modules that can be copied into user Forms. DSRMWS-1072Data MigrationReverse: Truncate Form Header Instruction, Footer Instruction, Module Instruction, Question Instruction, Valid Value Instruction to avoid errors when reversing caDSR II content into the Legacy caDSR database.DSRMWS-2192DownloadDownload Collection: Add new Excel format for Forms - "Form Review - Excel", a flat list in a single column of the form's modules and questions.DSRMWS-2207UI ChangesCDE Import: Change field caption from "Preferred Question text" to "Preferred Question Text" (capitalizing the "t").DSRMWS-2215UI ChangesURL Link: Add a pre-formatted Deep Link to each CDE and Form and in the Front End for DE View-Browse, DE Maintenance, Form, Form Maintenance.DSRMWS-2208UI ChangesData Element Maintenance and Administered Items Tool: Add Context to DEC and VD Popup.DSRMWS-2209

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

Forms: Error on Prod "Create Form from Existing" Command - this bug was introduced in Release which was released Monday Nov. 7, 2022.

The Form's "Create Form from Existing" command was throwing an error when executed by selecting a Form from search results.  A consequence of the failed command was that questions were duplicated in each Module with a "Date Created" of the date when the command was executed.

If you encountered an Error when attempting to create a new form, please review the form you were copying from and delete the extra questions. If you turn on "Audit Columns" you can see the "Date Created" for each Question, and you can sort by the "Date Created" column to make it easier to see which Question are the duplicates.


Issues Not Fixed in This Sprint - Planned for Sprint 39


Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Change ManagementForm Context Curator cannot delete Protocols from Form.When trying to delete a Protocol from a Form in a non-owned Context, the error message is incorrect. The system does not let the non-owning Curator delete the Protocol. This will be fixed in Sprint 39.DSRMWS-2227
Change ManagementValue Domains: PV Parent Concept - Dynamic Value Domains Phase I - Design.None.
Change ManagementStandalone Modules: Propagate Changes.None.
Change ManagementConcepts: Change Concept Import to import Parent Concept - Phase I.None.DSRMWS-2237
Change ManagementForms: Cannot delete Question that had not associated CDE.Contact Admin.DSRMWS-2257
Change ManagementProvide access to MedDRA terminology for VDs and Questions - Phase I - Design/Investigation.None.DSRMWS-2230
Change ManagementAlert users of Retired Content. Currently, report can only go to named users. Update feature to support sending report to CreatedBy and ModifiedBy user.None.DSRMWS-2234
DownloadDownload Collection: Legacy CDE Excel: Alternate Names are downloaded in different order in Sprint 37.None.DSRMWS-2204
DownloadDownload Collection: Printer Friendly Form - Add Expand All/Collapse All.None.DSRMWS-2224
LoadingVD Import: Change to Primary Rep Term Concept, and Rep Term Qualifier.None.DSRMWS-2190
LoadingAll: Make Delivery Options "Export to Excel" match Grid Results.None.DSRMWS-2239
LoadingForm Import: Loading Form metadata from REDCap formatted Data Dictionary - Phase I.None.DSRMWS-250
LoadingForm Import: Preprocess REDCap csv files to support end-to-end processes to streamline identifying possibly matching CDEs for questions in the Data Dictionary.None.DSRMWS-2214
LoadingForm Import: Create caDSR Forms from REDCap Data Dictionaries.None.DSRMWS-2223
LoadingCDE Match: Search improvements - Reverse/Match Alternate Names against Column Name, ignore special characters. None.DSRMWS-2236

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.38.


1.0 Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.