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On Hold

Spring Related Update

Estimated Effort


Ivy Dependency Update3 daysComplete
Ibatis to Mybatis xml conversion3 daysComplete
Compile capable code conversion3 daysComplete
Application context startup1 week Complete
CodingSchemeDao Verification tests / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Association Dao Verification tests  / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Registry Dao Verification  / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Coded Node Graph Dao / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Entity Dao / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
NCI History Dao / Code Corrections3 daysComplete
Property Dao / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Revision Dao / Code Corrections2 daysComplete
System Release Dao / Code Corrections1 dayComplete
Pick List Dao / Code Corrections1 week Complete
Pick List Entry Dao / Code Corrections1 week Complete
Source Asserted Value Set Dao / Code Corrections2 daysComplete
Value Set Definitions Dao / Code Corrections10 daysComplete
Value set Hierarchy Dao / Code Corrections1 dayComplete
Vaue set Definition Entry Dao / Code Corrections2 daysComplete
Value Set Entry State Dao / Code Corrections2 daysComplete
Value Set Property Dao / Code Corrections1 week Complete
Versions Dao / Code Corrections2 daysComplete
Testing/ Verification2 weeks Complete*
Load tests 2 weeksTriaged
Testing verification Recoding10 daysComplete
Full system test1 dayTriaged
LexEVS Remote3-4 weeksTriaged
LexEVS CTS2 Service2-3 weeksComplete
LexEVS CTS2 Service2 weeksComplete
LexEVS CTS2 Deployment2 daysComplete
Browser Deployment Debug1 weekPull request in
QA2 weeksIn Progress
Total Effort (Approximately)4-5 months