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What is


a Product Owner ATO Boundary Consolidation?

The Product Owner ATO boundary consolidation allows for a single ATO to cover multiple similar or related systems/applications in a common ATO boundary. The process will reduce artifact and work duplication and should speed the ATO process overall. To facilitate the process, a Product Team is assembled and a single system owner/stakeholder from the Team is nominated as the Product Owner.


The Product Owner works with the Product Owner Team to review documentation and oversee the process and activity surrounding all seven phases of the Risk Management Framework (RMF). The Product Owner also possesses the signing authority for official FISMA artifacts.

The ATO Boundary Consolidation is also a flexible tool and is not limited to one Product Owner. Alternatively, there can be a single system owner when there are multiple stakeholders. In the foreseeable future this model will take many forms as needs change.

What criteria is used to determine which systems should be part of an ATO consolidated boundary?