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EVS Discussion

Open System Tickets

NCI-RITM0413810EVS Explore URL updates to on Stage tierlooking for an update; can we get this done before 4/19 ?
NCI-INC0735332 Receiving the following error: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.Need help diagnosing why the QA tier keeps going down. I am able to restart the application to get it working, but the issue is that it keeps going down.
NCI-RITM0431625Test your web application for security vulnerabilities.This security scan is running now and the person with the ticket has been responsive.
NCI-INC0736448 and I am getting an error that the sites cannot be reached. When I go directly to the hostname URL's the applications are running. and is now fixed but we I do have an open request to find out why it was down and how it was fixed.
NCI-RITM0428873Maven refusing to deploy jarsWork with Tracy to get credentials working.  David Talluri contacted on 4/5 and is diagnosing the issue.
NCI-INC0735890Disk space full on DataQA; remove unused database dumps; close down extra instanceNeed to verify that unused instance was closed down


Discussion Points:

  • working with Systems team is in transition
    • Current point of contacts include Krish Seshadri (System Owner and Architect); (please include and cc: Mark on any communication)
    • We don't have anyone specific yet for building out the rest of the VMs
    • Going forward, there are two teams, organized by tiers:
      • System Engineering team is responsible for the system integration and deployment activities in the lower tiers (Dev/QA)
      • Systems Operations team is responsible for the production tiers (QA/Prod)
  • Trying to get attention from systems, so we went a list of tickets that are currently open, asking for attention
    • working on a list of tickets will hopefully keep the conversation organized and communicate our needs clearly
    • And thank you for keeping this list current: Systems Ticket Chart

Future Planning

Planning for April - EVS Plans for April 2023.png

  • Priorities and Goals for April are
    • Complete Report Exporter Update from Vue2 → 3
    • Complete Refactoring Phase 1 - Vulnerable Dependencies
    • Estimate workload, schedule for Phase 2
    • Start Refactoring Phase 2 - Update Dependencies to Current Version
    • Test Java 8 migration to Corretto
    • Write and review Comparison Mapping Tool User Stories and Requirements
    • Review Devops and Communication channels and needs
    • Proposal for "Health" dashboard for EVS infrastructure

LexEVS Sprint Status

  • Snehal has Jira access
    • March reports should proceed normally
    • Add daily activity to User stories being considered
    • ADO tickets migrated by Mark
  • Vue3 Updates for Report Exporter nearing completion
  • Working on updating ncitbrowser for Spring 5 - on dev -
    • Scott working on summary of changes
    • Metathesaurus browser to come
  • LexEVS/CTS2 on Dev - manual deploy
    • Unit testing in progress - one bug fixed
Technical Debt remediation

LexEVS Code Debt Refactoring

caDSR Query

Discussion Points:

Statistics Dashboard

Discussion Points: 

  • Google analytics - Retiring GA and going to GA4
    • Need further experimentation, documentation
      •  Check for local documentation, post to wiki
    • Per Kim - looks like scripts need to be updated from UA to GA4
      • Double check all parties notified
      • EVSExplore
      • NCI Metathesaurus Browser - on QA - waiting on scan, vulnerability issue
      • NCI Terms Browser - on QA - waiting on scan, vulnerability issue
    • No analytics being collected by EVS Explore
    • Add to Report Exporter and EVS Compare
      • EVS Exporter working 
      • EVS Compare created
  • Sumo Logic issues

Decision Points:

Comparison/Mapping Tool

Plan is to update product roadmap by end of April.

Mark is working on user stories and requirements

EVS transition to virtual machines

Status: ON HOLD

  • We are waiting to hear from Systems on who will be doing next set of work
  • Chuck shared an email about the work that he did for EVS
  • Will get a new person to replace Chuck, start on next phase (Stage), but that resource hasn't been identified yet

Reference: Wiki page: Server Migration 2021

Report Exporter
  • Discussion Points:

    • Working on update to Vue3 (JavaScript Framework). EVSREPEXP-451
      • Due: Mar 10 (end of sprint 205); on week 16 of estimated 16
      • master ticket: EVSREPEXP-442 - Migrate Vue.js version from 2.0 to 3.0
      • Description
        • On Dev and being regression tested
          • Addressing items in unit testing
          • Issue with tree display on "Resolve Branch" screen. 40%, target Mar 31. Working on deeper levels  Issues resolved and in testing in Dev
          • Exporter later feature on Resolve Branch needs tweaking -  complete
          • Duplicate items in list box - might be data issue - being diagnosed
          • Release notes being written
    • UA to GA4 migration - already completed
    • Vulnerable dependencies
    • Demo wanted in the near future - maybe May

    Decision Points:

AWS Cloud to be in Separate Account

Discussion Points

  • Frozen

Decision Points:

Team Absences

Mayo Team - Andrew off half day April 7, April 27 - May 1


Leidos - Chao off April 3-5

Systems - 

EVS Service and Architecture Group

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:


Discussion Points: 

  • 23.03

Decision Points:



  • User issue - value set number of concepts discrepancy reported by user
  • NetSparker detected vulnerability (cross-site scripting) in NCI-t (production and stage).
    •  Need to contact Cuong to get more information - Mark to reply to email



Discussion Points:  (see chart)

  • 23.02 data lifecycle completed
  • GA upgrade test completed on QA, deployment in progress

Decision Points: 


Terminology Updates and Schedule 

Discussion Points: 

Decision Points: 

Mark Benson TPM Update

Spreadsheet: EVS Service Tickets.xlsx