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Ticket Description Actions, Update
Request from LRbanner referencing EVS Explorer

If NCI Terms Browser down, banner should point people to EVS Explorer.

Will be in current tag, next release

NCI-RITM0497500Planning Discussion with Systems about migrating to Java 17
  • Meeting Fri, Jan19 11AM
  • Tomcat 8.5 EoL this year
  • ecj is Tomcat8 jar and needs updated to work with Java 17. 
  • Shiv Kadarthi overseeing the OS/Tomcat upgrade.
  • For AWS side they have been able to separate Java 17 from OS upgrade
  • On-prem we are trying to keep them separate but Systems is pushing hard to conflate and move to cloud. 
  • Per Lyubov - absolutely firm that we are not migrating to cloud.
  •  Tracy to create Dev Java 17 ticket
NCI-RITM0499380 add jconsole access on PROD to debug performance issues

Posted latest access errors to ticket, trying to get needed access.

Per Jason - has been bumped up to engineering team

  •  Mark to follow up

MEME URI not working, hostname usable as workaround

Vansi asked if it was still broken and will work on it

EVS transition to virtual machines

STATUS: We are waiting to switch STAGE from on prem to VM once PROD server is ready; so we can switch both PROD and STAGE at same time . 

  • New rules from Systems Engineering has resulted in additional documentation and testing.
  • Jenkins setup created, still adjusting it.


Monthly Planning and Focus

Completed Sprint - Sprint 215 (Dec 8- Jan 2) - LINK TO Jira Spring 215

Current Sprint  - Sprint 216 (Jan 9 - Feb 2) - Sprint 216

For the month of December 2023, the Mayo group is planning to:

  • Complete Report Exporter banner

  • Improvements, Refactoring Code Debt, Feature development:
  • Examine feasibility of Java 17
    • BACKGROUND: a small number of LexEVS components (aka dependencies) are being phased off of java 8 (or are no longer being supported on java 8).  We ideally want to use a current version of those components (dependencies). IF the current version of that component is only supported on Java 14 or later (just as an example), then we would have to migrate the ENTIRE LexEVS stack to Java 14 or later. (Note that the current Java version is Java 21 LTS, and the most popular non-LTS version is Java 14). So there is a risk that a vulnerability is found in the older version of the component/dependency and we would have to either migrate everything quickly to a new version, or not use that component (which might not be possible), or shutdown LexEVS entirely. Note that there are certain versions of Java which are "long-term support" versions - meaning that they will be supported for several years beyond non-LTS versions. LTS versions are Java 8,  Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21.
    • OBJECTIVE: find out what would it be like to upgrade from Java 8 LTS to Java 17 LTS.  How hard would it be? How long might it take?
    • LEXEVS-5373Investigate Upgrade of NCIt Browser to Java 17
  • DataDog

Technical Debt remediation

LexEVS Code Debt Refactoring

  • Coding complete on lexevs services - except for isolated dependencies
    • Java 17 work ready for NCit Browser 
  • CTS2 - Working to update Jakarta - linked to Java17
  • Dependabot notice to update jQuery - ready for Dev

OS Updates
  • Mark has meeting with Shiv on Thursday, Jan 25. Initial discussions.
  • Jason provided list of AWS hosts
  • Number of hosts now around 30 -
    • 24 hosts on AWS need to move to new Amazon Linux 23
    • AL23 an option for on-prem. Decide between AL23 and Oracle Linux
    • Lyubov asked if extension is possible - especially since we have not yet received a formal notification
    • CentOS EOL June 30, 2024
Report Exporter
  • Banner changes being implemented  - in progress
    • May be moot with centralized approach - Centralized approach suspended
      • Per Lyubov, could they implement centralized approach on prem
    • Systems did implement config change but ineffective. Requested roll back
  • Working on templating - Need user feedback for phase 2
    • Demo feedback implemented
    • Need to make more dynamic - load values from external source - work started
    • Will need feedback from users to provide template requirements
  • Wait time indicator work has begunis being tested
  •  Mark to schedule meeting this weekwith editors for feedback

Feedback form

  • Need to research approval procedure, Mark was asked to reach out to OCPL
  • Andrew supplied copy of survey form from RE

ACTION: (from Lyuba) We don't have any indication that the tool is working. Can we get an indicator, like a spinning circle, etc.


Statistics Dashboard

Complete Migration of Statistics Dashboard from SumoLogic to DataDog by March 2024.


Status meeting has been scheduled for every Friday
Request for additional info in the logs sent by Manish.  Tracy will forward. 


  •  Check on status of collectors on other servers than evsexplore - Tracy

Comparison/Mapping Tool

On Hold

AWS Cloud to be in Separate Account

Waiting on AWS team

Team Absences

Mayo Team -  Tracy out week of Feb12

MSC - 

Leidos - 

QA - 

Gov - 

EVS Service and Architecture Group

  • Monthly published last week
  • New cycle next week


  • Contact Us page is creating Spam for NCIt email
    • Kim suggests discussion with Scott about this issue- has proposal
    • Mark suggests 
      • server side filtering
      • enhanced captcha
      • service to handle the email -CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
        • ClinVar uses this system
  • 2 tags ready for QA 
    • NCIm having issues coming up
  •  Scott and Kim to set up consult about Spam


  • Term Browser and Meta testing completed on Prod for Data
  • EVSRest NCIt data release tested on QA
  • Software tickets for Terms and Meta Browsers being worked on QA


Terminology Updates and Schedule 

Mark Benson TPM Update
  • No issuesSystems scrambled Chao's credentials and impacted his work

LexEVS Technical Debt Progress