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Ticket Description Actions, Update
Request from LRbanner referencing EVS Explorer

If NCI Terms Browser down, banner should point people to EVS Explorer.

Will be in current tag, on QA; has passed security scan; additional issues found and are being addressed. Scott helped a data question.

NCI-RITM0497500Planning Discussion with Systems about migrating to Java 17
  • Meeting Fri, Jan19 11AM
  • Tomcat 8.5 EoL this year
  • ecj is Tomcat8 jar and needs updated to work with Java 17. 
  • Shiv Kadarthi overseeing the OS/Tomcat upgrade.
  • Java 17 installed on Dev
  • Scott working with Systems to get JConsole on Dev

MEME URI not working, hostname usable as workaround

Vansi asked if it was still broken and will work on it

Lori to reach out to Brian; a workaround is used but no response from Systems - Per Jason - has been bumped up to engineering team (back and forth to original person vansi)

Collaborate migrationCollaborate ending in February

Done; GDC-MVS has been migrated to Sharepoint; no other EVS documents on Collaborate

jconsole permissions on the EVS DEV Server nciws-d2002-v

Done; it is now up and running on Dev