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  • The OWL/RDF exporter is based on Jena 2.6.3. While it exports an OWL file, it also builds up a triple store. The triple store tables stored in the same same database that LexEVS uses.
  • The LexEVS 6.0 retrieval API has the limitation of retrieving the association that is from an entity to a data/value. Thus, the OWL/RDF exporter, based on LexEVS retrieval API, has the limitation of handling the owl:hasValue, owl:maxCardinality, owl:minCardinality, owl:cardinality constraints as well.
  • The OWL/RDF exporter now can convert OWL, RDF, OBO, and UML formats to OWL/RDF. If the terminology format is not on this list, the exported OWL ontology may be incorrect.


    Note that OWL2 is not currently supported, nor is an export to the OWL2 format.  Much of what is loaded to LexEVS is currently OWL2, and cannot be exported.  See JIRA Item LEXEVS-3661

Running an OWL/RDF Export with the Administration GUI