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  • Technical Guide
    This guide provides a technical reference for users interested in programming to the LexEVS API. The document was originally updated during the 4.0 release timeframe; however it is still applicable to the 4.2 release.
titleAdditional Versions of the Technical Guide
  • User Guide
    This is a User Guide for the LexEVS 4.2 Grid Service to support users interested in programming to this interface.
  • LexBIG 1.0.2 Developer's Technical Guide
    This manual provides an introduction to the architecture, software components, and application programming interfaces (APIs) of the LexGrid Vocabulary Services for caBIG® project
  • LexEVS 4.2 Grid Service User Guide (posted on this wiki)
    This User Guide addresses the LexEVS Grid Service (version 4.2), from the perspective of a client application developer looking to interface with the referenced analytical grid service. This guide is also available as a Word document.
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