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1. Make sure to check 'Enable Admin Options' in 'Commands' menu.

Check Enable Admin OptionsImage Modified

2. Select the Value Set Definition under 'Available Value Set Definitions' to be exported and click on 'Value Set Definition as LexGrid XML' under 'Export' menu.

Select Value Set Definition and click on 'Value Set Definition as LexGrid XML' under 'Export' menu.

3. Enter the destination and the file name (should be .xml extension). Choose options appropriately and click on 'Export' button. 'Async Load' – Checking this will export the contents asynchronously'Fail on all errors' – Checking this will stop the export if any error occurs.'force' – Checking this will replace existing file. If there exists a file and this option was not checked, export will fail.

Enter destination details.

4. Status of an export process will be displayed as the data is getting exported. If everything goes well, you should see 'Errors Logged: false' and 'End State: completed' at the bottom of the status output.

Export process status displayed.

5. Verify the exported file. 'valueSetDefinition' should be the top element and all its available contents (mappings, properties, definitionEntries etc) should be exported.

Exported XML file.