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AIM-124Fixed UID validation routine to check for zero-padded UID component values, e.g. is invalid because non-zero UID component cannot start with 0.
AIM-125Fixed time value validation to allow for 00:00 time values. This issue showed up with de-identified dates.
AIM-126Improved consistency of the AIM Converter parameters. Now the parameter for XML documents is "XML" instead of the old "AIM".
AIM-127Improved error reporting by AIM Converter by not silently ignoring some of library error messages.
AIM-128Implemented validation for the allowed length of every component of a coded element (code value, code meaning, coding scheme designator and coding scheme version). 
AIM-129Updated referenced AIMLib binaries to support Series Number changes.


The doc folder includes AIM-related document and XML schemas.



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