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The AIM Template Service (ATS) stores AIM templates on the Internet. ATS allows AIM users using ATB and/or the ATS web interface to upload, search and download shared AIM templates. It also allows templates owners to make a template private or share a set of AIM templates with the larger ATS user community.

Features in This Release

  • Support Supports AIM template version 1, revision 23 and version 2, revision 8Support search capability
  • Supports searching on AIM template containers and templates
  • Support upload Supports uploading AIM templates with valid user authentication
  • Support Supports AIM template download AIM templates
    • Public templates for all users
    • Private templates for assigned users
  • Allow Allows template owners to make a template private or public

Fixed Issues

  • Add an ability to directly export a valid AIM template from “AIM Template” tab by wrapping an AIM template with AIM template container.
  • Fixed private and public assignment to a template based on user name.
  • Does not allow guest users to upload AIM templates
  • Fixed non-existent URL will redirect to the default search page


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