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{multi-excerpt:name=EVSUseandCollaborations}NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS) provides resources and services to meet NCI needs for controlled terminology. NCI needs for terminology content, standards and systems are often shared by other NIH institutes and federal agencies, and by the broader cancer research and biomedical community. Since 1997, EVS has worked with many partners to build shared content and services, so that information can be effectively exchanged, interpreted and analyzed while minimizing overall effort and cost. Since 2004, EVS has worked within caBIG® to develop and promote use of state-of-the-art terminology standards, content, and tools throughout our community. EVS is now widely used:

* By NCI and its partners in cancer research, NIH, other federal agencies, and many other U.S. and international biomedical, academic, standards and research organizations
* To create, extend, subset, map, access and publish biomedical terminology and ontology
* For basic, translational, and clinical research, clinical care, epidemiology, public health, administration, and public information.

These pages describe many of the users and uses of EVS resources and services, almost all of which are mostly freely available without restriction. Sections 2-10 give an overview of the channels, volume, and therefore not always possible to track. The following information is covered: composition of use.  Sections 11-14 provide more detailed profiles of key partners and users.  The bibliography includes some 200 scientific publications on the history and use of EVS.{multi-excerpt}