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h1. Introduction

The caBIG® Annotation and Image Markup (AIM) information model can be used to store image annotations and markups using well-defined common data elements and controlled terminologies. The project has software tools to capture and create AIM annotations. The AIM Template Builder (ATB) assists clinicians, image researchers, or clinical trial study designers in creating a set of controlled questions and related answers to each question for a particular type of imaging study, without requiring knowledge of the AIM information model. A study’s image interpreters can make simple and constrained annotations in a structured format based on AIM templates. These templates contain a vast amount of knowledge and expertise from imaging esxperts. Sharing AIM templates requires ATB users to share an AIM template by e-mail, CD/DVD and/or USB drive. These methods may not be convenient for exchanging AIM templates.

The AIM Template Service (ATS) stores AIM templates on the Internet. ATS allows AIM users using ATB and/or the ATS web interface to upload, search and download shared AIM templates. It also allows templates owners to make a template private or share a set of AIM templates with the larger ATS user community.

h2. Features in This Release

* Supports AIM template version 1, revision 23
* Supports searching on AIM template containers and templates
* Supports uploading AIM templates with valid user authentication
* Supports AIM template download  
** Public templates for all users
** Private templates for assigned users
* Allows template owners to make a template private or public
* Supports directly exporting a valid AIM template from the AIM Template tab by wrapping an AIM template with AIM template container
* Supports private and public assignment to a template based on user name
* Non-existent URLs no longer redirect to the default search page
* Does not allow guest users to upload AIM templates

h2. Support

If you need help, contact [Application Support|].

Technical support requests may be sent to [|].

h2. Documentation

* [AIM Model Documentation]
* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation Documentation]
* [AIM Template Builder Documentation]
* [AIM Template Manager Documentation]

h2. Web Sites
* [caBIG Tools Page for AIM|]