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Usage Patterns of the Three EVS Browsers

The three browsers offered by EVS are the NCI Terms browser - which covers a number of vocabularies, the NCIt browser - which covers NCI Thesaurus, and the NCIm browser - which covers NCI Metathesaurus.

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There are some interesting variances on which domains use which browsers. NCIt is generally the most popular and is especially so in the .edu and .gov domains. The .com domain prefers :

NCITermsNCI Term Browser: Access to all terminologies, value sets and mappings.
NCItNCI Thesaurus Browser: Now just one face of NCITerms, but the most used and counted separately.
NCImNCI Metathesaurus Browser: A separate application, searchable from NCITerms.

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Nearly 75% of all users go to the NCIt browser, including almost all users from the educational domain and two thirds of government use.  By contrast, half of commercial domain users prefer NCI Terms, while .org use is almost evenly split between the all three browsers.

dot com browser usage pie chart dot org browser usage pie chart dot edu browser usage pie chart dot gov browser usage pie chart

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