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This standard (ISA-TAB-Nano) specifies the format for representing and sharing information about nanomaterials, small molecules and biological specimens along with their assay characterization data (including metadata, and summary data) using spreadsheet or TAB-delimited files.


Familiarity with the fields of nanotechnology and nanomedicine is a pre-requisite prerequisite for this specification. An understanding of ISA-TAB is recommended but not required as the ISA-TAB-Nano specification provides descriptive information on ISA-TAB as applied to nanotechnology.


LS DAM provides a shared view of the semantics of differenct life of different life sciences domains. It has a nanotechnolog nanotechnology subdomain, which was developed based on caNanoLab object model and NPO terms. LS DAM makes a distinction between biospecimens (for example, cell line, tissue samples, body fluid samples, organ parts) and materials that are not derived from a cell, tissue, organ, or body (for example, nanoparticle formulations, drug formulations, solvent, and so forth). This motivated the use of the term “material sample” in the ISA-TAB-Nano material file. Weekly Nano WG web-conferencing was used to ensure the alignment of ISA-TAB-Nano with the LS DAM.


FIG 2. ISA-TAB-Nano File Development Process
diagram of file development processImage Modified

When sharing primary ISA-TAB-Nano files, other files referenced in these files have to be shared along with the primary files. It is anticipated that content management systems will become available to facilitate the sharing and exchange of files. Until then, these files could be bundled together in a folder and shared as a zip file.