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Dear NBIA Users,

We're pleased to announce the release of version 5.1 of the National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA), available at This release significantly improves end user functionality and back end administration as explained below.

Ultrasound Search

The NBIA Portal now has ultrasound specific searching capabilities.

screenshot showing ultrasound searching capabilities

The Lookup Search Terms in NBIA Simple Search retrieves the search terms for Ultrasound related criteria from remote nodes.

screenshot showing lookup search terms

QC Tool Improvement

The QC Tool now has a check all button to quickly select all items.

screenshot showing check all button

Improved Download Manager

Through collaborative work with the members of the Imaging Workspace, the reliability of Download Manager has been improved. If network errors occur during large downloads,  Download Manager will retry the files a configurable number of times.

Improved Large Collection Deletion

The deletion of large collections is now performed asynchronously with a message driven bean. This allows the user to perform the deletion and go on to other tasks as the deletion is performed in the background. When the deletion is complete, the user receives an email detailing the aspects of the deletion.

Modality Information in Web Search

The text of the modality is displayed when it is in focus.

screenshot showing text of the modality

Improved Security

NBIA has undergone extensive security scanning and is now protected for various forms of attack such as Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Request Forgery,

Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) Update

NBIA has been integrated with the latest version of CTP

AntHill Pro 3

The NBIA can now be deployed with AntHill Pro 3, the tool used by CBIIT systems support.

Section 508 Compliance

The NBIA has improved compliance with Section 508 for people with disabilities.

Technology Infrastructure Updates

The NBIA portal has been upgraded to run on JBoss 5.1, MySQL 5.1, and caGrid 1.4.

For more information:

Detailed release notes can be found on SVN

For groups interested in installing NBIA 5.1 locally, the installation guide is located here NBIA 5.1 Installation Guide

As always, support is available from Application Support.