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The CDE Browser can be used to download collections of meta data describing data held in repositories for cancer research and clinical trials. These CDEs can be downloaded in Excel or XML Format. However, it is not always easy to find the desired collection, as CDEs are organized in the Navigation Tree by Context, not topic. Attempting to download all the Released CDEs would result in a file that is too large for an Excel download. The canned collections in the following list are provided for your convenience.

Table of Contents

NCI Standard CDEs:

caDSR Community Released CDEs:

REDx REDCap Utilities:

These are XSLT files that transform caDSR CDEs and Forms in XML format to a REDCap Data Dictionary:

  • Converts a single or multiple Form represented in XML to REDCap compatible csv format
    • for CDE XML, the file may contain multiple CDEs
    • for CRF XML, the file can contain one or more form per transform, please select teh correct version of the utility below
  • Release Notes
  • User Guide
  • REDxCDEv2.1
    • Transformation utility to convert caDSR CDE Browser 4.0.4 XML format into REDCap Data Dictionary as of 2014/11/10
    • Version 2 6-10-2015: Add a check for existing CDE PV Values.  If already a numeric, use existing value. If not, generate a unique value based on the position in the value list.
    • Version 2.1 6-18-2015: Add instruction for customizing Form name, Id and Verion
  • REDxCRFSinglelv4.0   REDxCRFsMultiv4.0
    • Transformation utility to convert caDSR Form Builder formCart XML format (retrieved from Objcart API) into REDCap Data Dictionary as of 2014/11/10
    • Version 4 includes: 
      • Change generation of Field Label to the original caDSR Preferred Question Text, without converting it to lower case and replacing spaces with underscores
      • See Version comments within the xslt for prior version release notes

Current Downloads:

Project related CDEs

For other formats and prior versions of the files see the attachments listed at the end of this page.

If importing caDSR content into another ISO/IEC 11179 registry, i.e. local implementation of cgMDR, please add the caDSR Registration Authority Identifier (RAI) 2.16.840.1.113883.3.26.2 to the metadata to keep the caDSR content distinct from the local repository. Per ISO/IEC 11179, the RAI is part of a globally unique identifier known as the IRID (Item Registry Identifier), and uniquely identifies registry content as being related to particular registrars. The IRID for all caDSR content is the <caDSR OID + Item public Id + item version>. For example, if the caDSR item public id = 2181292, version = 1.1, when importing you would add the RAI, and the result would be an IRID = 2.16.840.1.113883.3.26.2 + 2181292 + 1.1.

Coming soon! A link to cancerGrid UK cgMDR PTCRi (Particle Therapy Cancer Research) instance of cgMDR where you can download metadata elements in caDSR XML format, the native cgMDR format for importing into your own cgMDR instance, as well as an XML Schema annotated with W3C SAWSDL annotation tags.

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