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This is the wiki home page for ICR (Integrative Cancer Research). Here you will find technical information about ICR products and pages for working groups and projects.

ICR products are moving to their own spaces; therefore, more extensive information for some ICR products is found in the spaces named 'ICR - Product Name' on this site. If your team's space is not published, you can see it when you are logged in. The published ICR product spaces are:

Additional information is also found on the Molecular Analysis Knowledge Center site.


We are pleased to announce the release of the caBIG Life Sciences Domain Analysis Model (LS DAM) v2.0. The LS DAM is a shared view of the semantics for Life Sciences, which includes hypothesis driven basic and pre-clinical research as well as discovery sciences. It is aligned, where appropriate, with the Clinical Sciences BRIDG model, which covers protocol driven clinical research. The LS DAM is a foundational component for achieving semantic interoperability among the various applications across caBIG and is bound to the ISO 21090 data type standard.

The major changes in this release are described in the Release Summary and include:

-         a consistent level of abstraction and clearer model with traceability to BRIDG by direct inclusion of the relevant BRIDG classes

-         LS DAM alignment with the current version of BRIDG (3.0.2)

-         The Generic Assay model, developed in collaboration with the HL7 Clinical Genomics Working Group, is included as a core component of the LS DAM. This extensible component of the model represents concepts that are common to life sciences research over multiple technologies.

  • For a complete list of modifications and additions to the LS DAM v 2.0 please see the Model Documentation
  • For those interested in viewing the LS DAM v2.0 model
  • For more information on the LS DAM see the LS DAM Wiki page

The new version of the NanoParticle Ontology (NPO) has been released and uploaded on NCBO BioPortal.  To view the NPO, please go to .

The major changes in the new version are:

1.       Added new classes:  In this version, we have added 35 new classes  to the NPO , many of which are related to the description of  different types of cores, shells and surfaces found in nanoparticles.

2.      Made specific changes to classes from previous version:   We fixed some errors, and asserted more relationships between terms from the “quality” branch and those from the “independent continuant” branch of the NPO.

For more information, please view the version release notes that are posted on the NPO project website, .

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