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The purpose of this page is to serve as a beginner's guide to CTP with particular emphasis on internal de-identification of DICOM images and submission of this data to an instance of NBIA.

CTP Installation

  • Obtaining CTP (URL)
  • pre-requisite software (and when it's necessary to install it)
  • Configuring CTP
    • config.xml
      • Choosing an import pipeline
      • Choosing your processing pipelines
      • Choosing an export pipeline
      • Pre-configured config.xml files for most common use cases
    • de-identification script
    • PHI pixel checker filter

Using CTP for local de-identification

  • running the jar file
  • sending your source data to CTP
    • Archive Import
    • File Sender
    • PACS
  • going to the browser
  • viewing status page
  • troubleshooting
    • quarantines
    • log files

Using CTP to submit to NBIA

  • Submitting directly to NBIA
    • follow CTP installation steps above
    • utilize/tweak NBIA centric config.xml (provide link)
  • Submitting to NBIA after local de-identification
    • editing your existing config.xml to add an NBIA export service
    • sending your de-identified data to the export service
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