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  • Biomedical Grid Terminology (BiomedGT) (Retired)
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This terminology has been removed from LexEVS. This information is provided for historical purposes.

What was the Biomedical Grid Terminology?

The Biomedical Grid Terminology (BiomedGT) was an open, collaboratively-developed terminology for translational research. BiomedGT built on the strengths of the NCI Thesaurus, including concept orientation, description logic, and public accessibility. The final terminology was seeded with NCI Thesaurus content. The goal was to evolve BiomedGT into a set of federated sub-terminologies, with content maintained by experts in the relevant research communities.

BiomedGT was built in Web Ontology Language (OWL) 1.0 using the Protege editor produced by Stanford University. BiomedGT was structured under the Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) in order to align with other biomedical ontologies. Concepts and hierarchy were also used from Gene Ontology (GO), Chemical Entities of Biological Interest (CHEBI) and Phenotypic Quality Ontology (PATO). This required a concerted effort to map these ontologies to current concepts within BiomedGT, and determining where BiomedGT concepts could be eliminated and replaced by the federated data.

BiomedGT is registered in the HL7 OID Registry as 2.16.840.1.113883.

Discuss Biomedical Grid Terminology

This terminology has been removed from LexEVS. This page is provided for historical purposes.

The BiomedGT Wiki tool was used to collaboratively develop the BiomedGT terminology.