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  • 9th OWL Experiences and Directions Workshop (OWLED 2012)
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  • Date: May 27th-28th 2012
  • Location: Heraklion, Crete
    Website: OWL 2012


The aim of the OWL:Experiences and Directions Workshop (OWLED) is to establish an international forum for the OWL community, where practitioners in industry and academia, tool developers and others interested in OWL can describe real and potential applications, share experience and discuss requirements for language extensions/modifications. The workshops aim at bringing all these groups together in order to pool their expertise, measure the state of need against the state of the art, and set an agenda for research and deployment in order to incorporate OWL-based technologies into new applications.

This year, OWLED will be co-located with ESWC 2012 in Heraklion Crete. As usual, the workshop will try to encourage participants to work together and will give space for discussions of various topics as well as having presentation of submissions.


Papers about all aspects of OWL and extensions, applications, theory, methods and tools, are welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Application driven requirements for OWL
  • Applications of OWL
  • Experience of using OWL, in particular the OWL 2 Profiles
  • Evaluation of OWL tools e.g. reasoners
  • Benchmarks for OWL tools
  • Performance and scalability issues and improvements
  • Extensions to OWL
  • OWL and Rules
  • Implementation techniques and experience reports
  • Non-standard reasoning service (implementation and requirements for)
  • Explanation
  • Ontology comprehension
  • Tools, including editors, visualisation, parsers and syntax checkers
  • Collaborative editing of ontologies
  • Versioning of OWL ontologies
  • Modularity
  • Query answering with OWL
  • SPARQL and OWL


This year we would like to invite submissions of the following sorts:

  • Technical papers (maximum 10 pages LNCS style). These papers should present research, implementation experience, and reports on the above topics and related topics. Space will be reserved for authors to present their work at the workshop.
  • System description papers (maximum 6 pages LNCS style). These papers should present and publicise (novel) implemented systems that are of interest to OWLED attendees that can be demonstrated at the workshop.
  • Statements of interest (maximum 4 pages LNCS style). Statements of interest will not receive full reviewing and might not be included in the archives of the workshop. They will be available to participants of the workshop and may be used to schedule the workshop. If you need an official invitation to the workshop you should at least submit a statement of interest.
  • Tutorials proposal (maximum 4 pages LNCS style). We also invite proposals for 90 minute tutorials that cover basic, intermediate and advanced OWL-related topics of interest to the OWLED community. Proposals should provide the title, intended audience, motivation, objectives, outline, and instructor biography.

All submissions must be made online using the EasyChair Conference System

Important Dates



Titles and Abstract Due

March 8 2012

Submissions due:

March 24 2012

Acceptance Notifications:

April 9 2012

Final papers due:

April 27 2012

OWLED Workshop:

May 27- 28 2012


The workshop will be co-located with ESWC 2012 in Heraklion, Crete. The venue for the workshop is the Royal Knossos Village. Rooms may be booked via the ESWC 2012 website.


Registration will be via the ESWC registration website. More details will be available soon.


  • General Chair:
    Matthew Horridge, Stanford University (USA)
  • Program Chair:
    Pavel Klinov, Clark and Parsia, University of Arizona (USA
  • Steering Committee:
    • Kendall Clark, Clark & Parsia (USA)
    • Melanie Courtot, Terry Fox Laboratory (CA)
    • Michel Dumontier, Carleton University (CA)
    • Rinke Hoekstra, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)
    • Alan Ruttenberg, University at Buffalo (USA)
    • Uli Sattler, University of Manchester (UK)
    • Michael Schneider, FZI Research Center for Information Technology (DE)

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