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  • 25th International Workshop on Description Logics ( DL2012 )
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Domenico Lembo

Conference Highlights

Date: Month  June 7 to June 10, 2012.

Location: Rome, Italy

Website: DL 2012

In cooperation with:

KR 2012 

NMR 2012

AI*IA 2012

CILC 2012

KiBP 2012


The DL workshop is the major annual event of the description logic research community. It is the forum at which those interested in description logics, both from academia and industry, meet to discuss ideas, share information and compare experiences.

DL-12 workshop will share a joint session together with the International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning (NMR 2012).

Topics of Interest

We invite contributions on all aspects of description logics, such as:

  • foundations of description logics, including expressive power, decidability and complexity of reasoning, novel inference problems, and reasoning techniques for solving these problems;
  • extensions of description logics, including, but not limited to, closed-world and nonmonotonic reasoning, defaults, epistemic reasoning, temporal and spatial reasoning, procedural knowledge, and query languages;
  • integration of description logics with other formalisms, such as object-oriented representation languages, database query languages, constraint-based programming, logic programming, and rule-based systems;
  • use of description logics in applications or areas such as ontology engineering, ontology languages, databases, semi-structured data, document management, natural language, learning, planning, semantic web, and grid computing;
  • building systems based on description logics, with special emphasis on optimization and implementation techniques; and
  • tools that exploit description logic reasoning, such as ontology editors, database schema design, query optimization, and data integration tools

Key Note Speaker


General and Local Chair:

Program Chairs:




Previous registration at KR2012 allows for a reduced fee (for early registrations only).

A special fee for joint registration with NMR2012 is also available.

Details on DL-12 fees are available at Registration

Information on accommodations can be found at Venue

Student Grants

A limited number of student grants are available for participation in DL 2012. Each grant will cover the workshop registration fee and (subject to availability of resources) will provide a contribution to travel costs. The students who are interested in applying for this grant must write an email to the workshop organizers at DL2012 declaring their interest in the student grant and providing: (i) a proof of full-time student status (copy of valid student ID card or letter from their institution or program director);

(ii) a short justification confirming that the attendance to DL 2012 could not be financed by other means such as project funds.

The deadline for applying to the student grants is May 11, 2012.


Key Dates



Past Date

Deadline for paper submission

April 22, 2012

Notification of  Acceptance

May 04, 2012 

Camera-ready deadline

June 07-10, 2012

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