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Using the Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW)

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caDSR Users and Metadata Consumers

Description: The Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW) is a software tool that semantically annotates a UML model (via an XMI/UML file). The SIW is used to check for errors in a UML Model, map Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS), NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) concepts to classes, attributes and associations, map Common Data Elements (CDEs) or Value Domains to class attributes, and review/approve the final semantic annotation before the model is loaded into the Cancer Data Standards Repository (caDSR).

Course 2040: Using the Semantic Integration Workbench is an intermediate level course designed to teach attendees how to use the Semantic Integration Workbench (SIW) to perform the semantic integration portion of the overall caCORE SDK process.

Credit for this Course: To receive credit for this course you will need to register in the caBIG Learning Management System(LMS) complete course 2040 and obtain a score of 80% or higher on the quiz.


  • Use the SIW to:
    • Review a UML model to ensure that it can be loaded into the caDSR
    • Semantically annotate the components of a UML model
    • Review and approve the semantic annotations in a UML model
    • Generate and review default GME tagged values
  • Understand how the UML Loader:
    • Parses the final annotated UML model
    • Transforms the UML model into metadata
    • Loads the metadata into the caDSR


Applicable Roles:

  • Metadata Curator - Using UML Models

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