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RXNORM codes

I am trying to identify medications by indication. AHRQ has a list of RXNORM codes for antihypertensives ( but the list seemed to be lacking (e.g., 104384 ramipril). I was also unable to find a list for other indications. I'm specifically interested in medications for diabetes given how specific they are for identifying patients with that comorbidity. If anyone has an updated list of RXNORM codes for specific indications, please let me know.


Slide Decks from Oct 22-23 CKD Health IT Meeting Posted

Please click here to access slide decks and resources from the meeting.

PHM in Public Health Systems

Drs. Kevin Abbott (NIDDK), Brenda Hemmelgarn (University of Calgary), Theresa Cullen (Regenstrief Institute), and Joel Andress (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) led a fascinating panel discussion on population health management in the context of public health systems.  

Here are links to ongoing projects and resources brought up in the panel discussion.

Alberta Chronic Kidney Disease Clinical Pathway

Alberta CKD Clinical Care Pathway

Principles for Digital Development

Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network


Bethesda Meeting - Welcome!

Thank you to all who attended the Chronic Kidney Disease Population Health Management Health IT summit at NIH on October 22 & 23.  We hope this Wiki will be a helpful resource for you during the meeting, and provide a space for collaboration, discussion, and exchange of information thereafter.  PowerPoint slide decks from the meeting will be posted soon.

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