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New Protocols for Data Access

For the last 3 years the DCC has provided access to TCGA data via the FTP, SFTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It has come to our attention in recent months that the download speed for FTP and SFTP was very slow.  After further tests we determined that, because of the size of the data we have, and the network architecture imposed by NCI's CBIIT and the NIH in general, HTTP and HTTPS access was 4-5 times faster than FTP and SFTP.

With that in mind, the DCC is moving forward with a change that will impact how people access TCGA data.  By March 30th, the FTP and SFTP protocols for download will no longer be available.  Only HTTP and HTTPS access will be used for data downloads.  To allow for pipeline automation, we've made index browsing of our data via HTTP and HTTPS available to everyone.

The initial network changes have already been made, you can feel free to access the data at the following locations:

For public data:

For controlled data:

In order to access controlled data, you would use the same username and password that you currently use with SFTP access.

As always, we aim to provide our user-base with the best service possible, and we will continue to make improvements to our processes and network to ensure a positive experience.

Please contact NCICB Support if you have any questions:

Thank You,

Ari Kahn, PhD
Contractor, SRA International, Inc.
Principal Investigator
TCGA Data Coordinating Center (DCC)
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

BCR data enhancements for August 26, 2009

On or about August 26th, 2009, the BCR will perform an upload of batches 1-19 to the DCC. This upload will address the following:

  1. Fixed minor aliquot issue
  2. Added batch 19 logistical/biospecimen data (Ovarian)
  3. New clinical information since last upload
  4. Removal of some unreferenced elements in the XSD (no changes to parsing programs will be necessary)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Patrick Rhodes

International Genomics Consortium
Information Technology

445 N. Fifth Street
Phoenix, Az 85004
ph: 602-850-7015
fx: 602-271-0264