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Long NameOff Study NCI Standard Template
DefinitionThe collection of used used in the off study module.
Protocol Long NameNCI Standard Template Forms
Public ID3476099
Module Long NameModule InstructionsQuestionCDECDE Public IDCDE VersionValue Domain Data TypeValue Domain Unit of MeasureDisplay FormatValid ValueForm Value Meaning TextForm Value Meaning Desc.
Mandatory Off Study Questions These items must be included when this data is collected for reporting.
Off Study DateOff Study Date20036053.0DATEDD/MON/YYYY
Off Study ReasonOff-Treatment Study Follow-Up Code24532151.0CHARACTER
01PROTOCOL-DEFINED FOLLOW-UP COMPLETEDProtocol-defined follow-up completed
02Patient lost to follow-upPatient lost to follow-up
03PATIENT REFUSED FOLLOW-UPPatient refused follow-up
04DeathThe absence of life or state of being dead.
05Adverse event/side effects/complicationsAdverse event/side effects/complications
98OtherNot otherwise specified.
Off Study Other, SpecifyOff Study Reason Text21826131.0CHARACTER