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Material Source NameMaterial NameManufacturer Lot IdentifierMaterial DescriptionMaterial SynthesisMaterial Design RationaleMaterial Intended ApplicationTerm Accession NumberTerm Source REFMaterial TypeTerm Acession NumberTerm Source REFMaterial Chemical NameTerm Acession NumberTerm Source REFCharacteristics[number of carbons]Characteristics[theoretical number of groups]Material ConstituentMaterial Linkage TypeTerm Accession NumberTerm Source REFMaterial Data FileMaterial Data File TypeTerm Accession NumberTerm Source REFMaterial Data File Description
NCL-16af1_fullereneAn amphiphilic fullerene C60 derivative commonly called AF1.TherapeuticNPO_1397NPOnanoparticle sample; antioxidantnanoparticle sample; antioxidantNPO_1404; C27560