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Using Admin Tool


Course 3140: Using the Admin Tool, teaches the experienced Context curator how to create advanced metadata and perform higher level maintenance on existing metadata in caDSR.

Prerequisites for this course include:

A recommendation from the Context Administrator, prior to attending the online session, is required.

Intended Audience:

  • Experienced Metadata Curator using Forms
  • Context Administrators

Credit for this Course: In order to receive credit for this course, you will need to register for course 3140 in the Learning Management System (LMS) and attend the online teleconference. (There is no quiz.)


  • Identify the sections of the Admin Tool in which a Forms Curator has privileges
  • Search for existing, create new and maintain Classification Schemes (CS) and Class Scheme Items (CSI)
  • Change the Context assignment of a DEC, VD and/or CDE
  • Set the latest version flag for an Administered Item
  • Add and maintain Protocols
  • Discuss appropriate uses of the Admin Tool

Registration: This class will be scheduled on an as needed basis.