This is the wiki home page for caDSR. You may edit pages if you are working on them with the authors. You are welcome to leave comments. The caDSR Wikis are:

  • caDSR Content
    Focuses on the Metadata Content within the caDSR and is most useful for consumers. The pages include Data Standards, Harmonization, Reuse and Business Rules. The information on these pages directs the capabilities of the caDSR Tools.
  • caDSR Database and Tools
    Focuses on the features of the Tools from the users perspective. The pages include descriptions for each tool, Release Notes and reference materials. The information on these pages is specific to the use case implementation of Business Rules recorded in the caDSR Content pages.
  • caDSR for Application Developers
    Focuses on the software interfaces to the caDSR available to programmers/software developers. The pages include details on the caDSR API, XML messages produced and consumed by the caDSR products and the caDSR UML Model.
  • caDSR Projects
    Focuses on specific projects currently in work. The pages include those projects spanning across tools and products and projects involving inter-metdata registry sharing. For projects isolated to a specific tool, please refer to the caDSR Database and Tools section.




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