Protege Client Packaging on Dev


You have already built protege and the new version of the client is in /local/content/protege/protegedesktop


There are a number of extra files and folders that need to be added to the protege client before it is distributed to the editors.  The most recent copy of these can be found in the /local/project/protegeClientPackage folder.  A script in this folder will copy the protegedesktop folder into protegeClientPackage, name it with the appropriate tag, copy in the extra files, then zip the package.

Files and folders added to client package:

Running the packaging script

The main package script is It is run by passing in the name of the new package "./ nci-protege-V###"

This script will:

This packaged protege client is not yet configured.  It is zipped up for convenience in copying to your local environment for further configuration.

There is a second script called that does all the same functions except copying from the /local/content/protege/protegedesktop directory. This is useful for when you are doing manual builds or testing of the packaging process itself.

Distributing the client

Due to limitations in X-windows, it is likely that you will need to copy the zip package down to your local machine in order to do the client configuration steps.  Configuration details can be found at NCI Protege 5 desktop set up.

Once the client is configured you will want to zip it back up.  If working on a Mac you will want to make sure to exclude the .DS_Store hidden files : zip -r nci-protege-V### -x "*.DS_Store"

Copy the package to the secure FTP at  You will need to use SFTP and log in using your NIH username and password. 

The client distribution for testing on Dev and QA should go into the /evs/Protege/Protege-5-Snapshots folder

The client distribution for stage and production release should go into the /evs/Protege/Protege-3.x folder