Welcome to the caNanoLab 3.1.2 Release Note, September 26, 2022. Topics in this Release Note include the following.

This page includes issue IDs for internal tracking purposes only. 


For details on improvements in this caNanoLab release, refer to What's New with caNanoLab.

Fixed Bugs

This caNanoLab release has fixed edit sample characterization bugs and user interface bugs due to the Angular update.

Known Issues and Workarounds

The following table lists and describes how to work around the following remaining issues in caNanoLab.

Known IssueWorkaroundIssue ID
Removed public results links from the home page. These links will return at a future date.On the home page, in the Browse caNanoLab panel, click Search Protocols, Search Samples, or Search Publications. For details, refer to Managing Protocols in caNanoLab, Managing Samples in caNanoLab, and Managing Publications in caNanoLab.  43
Running a few very large searches in a row will exhaust local browser memory. This causes the final search attempt to silently hang.Close all browser tabs and start a new session with caNanoLab.85
Export of a large set of search results can fail due to timeout.Narrow the search.104

Release History



3.1.226 September 2022
3.1.119 September 2022
3.110 August 2022
3.019 July 2022
2.4.129 April 2022
2.422 December 2021
2.3.1228 September 2021
2.3.1121 May 2021
2.3.1030 October 2020
2.3.819 September 2019
2.3.711 June 2019
2.3.67 January 2019 November 2018
2.3.52 October 2018
2.3.413 July 2018
2.3.325 January 2018
2.3.2October 2017
2.3April 2017
2.2January 2017
2.1.1February 2016
2.1November 2015
2.0December 2014
1.5.5May 2013
1.5.4August 2012
1.5.3May 2012
1.5.2October 2010