Questions for OOR

  1. Does OOR implement the metadata model in their repository? (do you believe OMV core, circa 2009, will be used in the first production instance with iterations of extant or new extensions in future versions?)
  2. (1a.)  How much of the metadata model do they implement and do they have feedback on utility?
  3. Do they have mechanisms to deal with community feedback or comment?
  4. One of our challenges has been around versioning. We've discussed this especially in context of Bioportal's Views, mechanisms in CTS 2 and methods in ISO 19763-3. It appears versioning is an important and upcoming topic for discussion in the OOR roadmap. Can you summarize expectations for review and work regarding versioning?
  5. Is OOR development considered a true fork or will it be merged back into a future instance of Bioportal (e.g. Bioportal "3"?). If the latter, how is OOR development distinguished from Bioportal development by NCBO?
  6. Can you clarify expectations of OOR as a repository vs. registry. Does OOR design include the notion of mirrors of instances of the same ontology (as a repository)?
  7. Discussions have started to support OMV standardization by assisting its move toward recognition by an SDO, such as ISO. Any thoughts on this direction? Although we have discussed the ISO 19763 family, there is the emergent Ontology Integration and Interoperability or OntoIOp (ISO NP 17347) as well as work by OMG? What is the right path?
  8. For ORWG members, I (SWT) recommend reviewing OOR's "Communiqué: Towards an Open Ontology Repository" . It appears they are very closely aligned and would ask if there are any gaps or collisions with perceptions regarding ORWG's goals. I would also ask OOR if there are plans to update the "Communique" and request for formal adoption of a new version in the near future. If so, what are expected changes/additions?

NOTE: For answers, see Meeting notes from Nov 17, 2011


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Meeting notes Nov 17, 2011

Open Ontology Repository (OOR)

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  5. OOR Metadata
    1. Metadata for Ontologies v(from the 2008 Ontology Summit)
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