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LexEVS v5.1 is an enhancement version, based on the new architecture introduced in LexEVS v5.0. (See LexEVS 5.0 (Tool Overview).

LexEVS v5.1 focuses on providing features that support the NCI Metathesaurus Browser: improved query performance and full loading of RRF data. Also, this version offers Value Domain and Pick List Services integrated into the LexEVS API, and an improved loader framework.

LexEVS v5.1 Architecture
LexEVS 5.1 architecture diagram

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For everyone

Prior to using LexEVS we recommend reviewing our model and schema as this will aid in understanding and using LexEVS.


For anyone new to LexEVS we recommend reviewing the LexEVS 5.x Quick Start page before downloading and installing LexEVS. The LexEVS 5.x Quick Start provides recommended links to additional information for users who are new to LexEVS. Once you have reviewed some of the information in the Quick Start, come back here to install LexEVS.



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Documentation for version 5.1

Release documents

Guides for Users

Refer to LexEVS 5.1 Guides for Users to Include, which includes a collection of guides for specific purposes and audiences, such as architecture, migration, and programming.

Programming examples

Feel free to browse through this compiled list of examples. You will also encounter them in context as they are used throughout the LexEVS documentation.

Documentation in PDF

Refer to to LexEVS 5.x Documentation in PDF to retrieve PDF files created from the wiki-based user guides.

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LexEVS Grid Service URL


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In the spirit of open source caBIG® invites you to participate in our community. The contribution process is described in LexEVS Community Code Contribution. LexEVS source code is in NCI SVN and the project is ready to accept your contributions to this tool.

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All other versions of LexEVS.

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