• Version Number: 2.0
  • caBIG® Tool Bundle: None
  • Grid Enabled? No
  • Compatibility Level: None
  • Installation Level: Advanced - technical team required for installation
  • System Requirements: Refer to the #System Requirements section.

Tool Overview

LexWiki is a collaborative terminology authoring platform based on Semantic MediaWiki and LexGrid technology. It is designed to provide terminology users and subject matter experts the ability to browse and discuss terminology content and structure, and the ability to create machine readable structured proposals. Protégé components are not part of this package but are being considered for future releases.

LexWikiPublisher is a corollary tool used to publish content from a LexEVS server into the LexWiki system. Refer to the LexWiki Publisher page for more information.

Installation and Downloads

Instructions and Downloads

The LexWiki Installation Guide (posted for each version with the LexWiki Documentation) is intended for system administrators. This guide will give you an overview of how to install and configure a LexWiki system. If you are not an administrator, we recommend that you work with the system administrator of your organization to install and configure LexWiki.

Refer to LexWiki Documentation for installation instructions that go with the downloads.

LexWiki 2.0 (30.2 MB)

LexWiki 1.1 (18.8 MB)

LexWiki 1.0 (17.1 MB)

System Requirements

Installation requirements

  • The user should understand how to work with a web server.
  • The user must have appropriate privileges (read, write, and execute - rwx) to the location on the file system that will be served by the web server.
  • For Linux users, the installer requires that the user has one of the following system privileges:
    • Root / superuser account
  • Apache account (or the user account on which the web server is running)
    • A user account which belongs to the same group as the Apache account.
  • The user has the SELECT privilege on mysql.func table in the MySQL database.
  • The web server is started and running.

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