Introduction of SMW

SMW Editing Features

Properties and types


[[property name::value]]

Data types for properties

[[has type:number]]

List of Data Types

For specifying URLs and emails, there are some special variations of the string data type:

Some extension provide further types:


MediaWiki Templates

Semantic Templates

Semantic templates are a method of including the semantic markup through MediaWiki templates. This has several advantages:

For example, in the template page [[Template:Population]], we can annotate template fields through the following steps.

For these reasons, semantic templates are a very popular way of handling semantic annotations; in many wikis, semantic data is contained only in templates.

Editing templates

A popular extension, Semantic Forms, lets users add and edit the contents of templates using forms.

Examples and References

Interesting queries built from user submitted information
Placeography - Duluth, Minnesota

Use forms to enter data so semantic infrastructure remains hidden from the user
Placeography - 470 Hopkins Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Uses Exhibit to display and synamically filter results from query
US Presidents

All MediaWiki Extensions
All Extensions

Conference information is posted in tables, timelines and calendars

Using a compound query to get two different map markers

The overview page shows numerous queries -
epsa-projects overview

Enter simple information about newspaper article using a form and a simple query places them on a calendar