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*caBIG® AIM Data Model and Toolkit*
* Version Number and Release Date: 3.0 October 2010 (Data model)
* Primary audience: Investigators, researchers, implementers, workstation vendors, clinicians interpreting and manipulating images
* Grid Enabled? Yes
* Compatibility Level: Legacy
* Installation Level: Advanced - technical team required for installation
* System Requirements:
** MS Windows 2000 or better, 512 MB RAM or better
** MS Visual Studio 2005 (SP1)
** Source code available. Binaries available for Windows.

h2. Tool Overview
{multi-excerpt:name=AIM}AIM is the first project to propose and create a "standard" means of adding information and knowledge to an image in a clinical environment, so that in the future image content can be easily and automatically searched. AIM provides a solution to the following current imaging challenges:
* No agreed upon syntax for annotation and markup
* No agreed upon semantics to describe annotations
* No standard format (for example, DICOM, XML, HL7) for annotations and markup

The solution is made up of various components, including the AIM Model, AIM Template Manager, and [AIM Data Service]. The AIM Model captures the descriptive information for an image, with user-generated graphical symbols placed on the image into a single common information source. The AIM Template Manager allows the user to generate a set of well-defined questions and answer choices to facilitate collecting the annotations and markup of an image in a XML document. The AIM Data Service then stores the XML documents in a database via caGrid. [AIM on ClearCanvas® Workstation|AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation Documentation] is a reference implementation.{multi-excerpt}

h2. Installation and Downloads

{info:title=Some AIM component downloads are in .rar and .war file compression formats.} {{.rar}} is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery, and file spanning. Both proprietary and free programs are available for accessing such files. A tutorial on accessing {{.rar}} files, including a free extractor, is [available|http://howtoopenararfile.com/] {multi-excerpt-include:wikicontent:Exit Disclaimer to Include|name=ExitDisclaimer|nopanel=true}.

{{.war}} files (short for Web application Archive) are Java archive files used for packaging and distribution of Web applications. {{.war}} files often contain a collection of JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, Java classes, XML files, tag libraries, and static Web pages (HTML and related files). More information can be found in the [Wikipedia article|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAR_file_format_(Sun)] {multi-excerpt-include:wikicontent:Exit Disclaimer to Include|name=ExitDisclaimer|nopanel=true}.

Background information on Java Web applications [is available|http://onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2001/03/15/tomcat.html] {multi-excerpt-include:wikicontent:Exit Disclaimer to Include|name=ExitDisclaimer|nopanel=true}.{info}

h3. AIM Model
* [AIM 3.0.2 Toolkit (Linux and Windows)|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9661/AIMToolkit_v3.0.2_rv11.rar] 
* [AIM 3.0.2 Toolkit on SVN|https://ncisvn.nci.nih.gov/svn/aim/trunk/AIMToolkit_v3.0.2_rv11]
* [AIM 3.0.1 Toolkit (Windows only)|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9112/AIM_v3.0.1_rv11.rar] 
* [AIM 3.0 XMI and XML Schemas|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/8990/AIM_v3_rv11_XMI_XML_Schemas.zip]

h3. AIM Data Service

Refer to [AIM Data Service] for system requirements.

* [AIM 3.0 Data Service|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/docman/view.php/693/24881/AIM3DataService.zip]

h3. AIM on ClearCanvas® Workstation

Refer to [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation Documentation] for a description, the system requirements, and a list of documentation.

* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9596/AIM_WS_3.0.4.2.rar]
* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation 3.0.4|http://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9541/AIM_WS_3.0.4.rar]
* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation 3.0.3|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9329/AIM_TCGA_WS_3.0.3.rar]
* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation 3.0.2|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9244/AIM_TCGA_CC_3.0.2.rar]

h3. AIM Template Builder

* March 2012: [1.0.0|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9540/AimTemplateBuilder-1.0.zip] (current release)

{info:title=The AIM Template Builder (ATB) provides a tool to create concise and constrained templates consisting of a set of questions and possible answers when annotating images.} The tool allows AIM templates to be created without requiring the template creator or extensive knowledge of the comprehensive AIM information model. For more information visit the [AIM Template Builder Documentation].

For a specific guide to implementing the AIM Template Creator software, refer to the [AIM Template Software Setup Manual|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9167/AIMTemplateSoftwareSetup.zip].{info}

h3. AIM Template Manager
* February 2011: [AIM Template Manager|http://imaging.fsm.northwestern.edu/user_session/new]

{info}[Help with Downloading Files in Archive Format|AIM:Downloading Files in Archive Format]{info}

h2. Forum and Support

h3. Support

* [End User Forum|https://cabig-kc.nci.nih.gov/Imaging/forums/viewforum.php?f=8&sid=00d28d340e19175434e441df71e56690]
* [Developer Forum|https://cabig-kc.nci.nih.gov/Imaging/forums/viewforum.php?f=9&sid=5e20a8840f2af30dc4ad4bb6481bb644]
* [NCI CBIIT Application Support email|mailto:ncicb@pop.nci.nih.gov]

h3. Defects and Feature Requests

* [Submit a defect or feature request for AIM Enterprise Service|https://tracker.nci.nih.gov/browse/AIMES]
* [Submit a defect or feature request for AIM Information Markup Model|https://tracker.nci.nih.gov/browse/AIM]
* [Submit a defect or feature request for AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation|https://tracker.nci.nih.gov/browse/AIMWS]

h3. Open Source Development

Contact [Application Support|mailto:opensource@nci.nih.gov] for information about open source development and AIM.

h2. Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

* [AIM:AIM Citations]
* [Implementation of the NINDS Traumatic Brain Injury Common Data Elements using caBIG® AIM Model|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/download/attachments/49776079/OHBM+-+AIM+Abstract.pdf]
* [Informatics in Radiology Automated Structured Reporting of Imaging Findings Using the AIM Standard and XML|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/download/attachments/49776079/OHBM+-+AIM+Abstract.pdf]
* [Quantitative Imaging Network Summary|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/download/attachments/49776079/summary+QIN+Overview+IT+Workshop+Nov+14-15th+2011+%282%29.ppt]
* [AIM CDEs|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/x/9pHB]
* [AIM RSNA 2011 Poster|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/download/attachments/49776079/Mongkolwat_RSNA2011_AIM+SR.pdf]
* [AIM 3.0 RSNA Power Point|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/download/attachments/49776079/AIM_Update_RSNA2010.pptx]

h2. Documentation and Training

* [AIM Template Builder Documentation]
* [AIM Template Manager Documentation]
* [AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation Documentation]
* [AIM Template Software Setup Manual|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/frs/download.php/9167/AIMTemplateSoftwareSetup.zip]
* [AIM Data Service Installation Manual|https://gforge.nci.nih.gov/docman/view.php/693/24882/Deployment%20instructions%20for%20AIMDataService.pdf]
* [AIM Terms and Concepts|https://wiki.nci.nih.gov/x/ooohAg]