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AIM Model

A change log and a description of the model are available.

AIM Toolkit

The release notes explain the differences between releases.

AIM Template Service

AIM Template Service Documentation includes the user's guide and release notes.

AIM Data Service

Refer to AIME Data Service Documentation for the download file and documentation.

AIM on ClearCanvas® Workstation

Refer to AIM on ClearCanvas Workstation Documentation for a product description, system requirements, and a list of available documentation.

XML Schemas and Documents for Segment Properties

DICOM Segmentation Examples

AIM Template Builder

Refer to AIM Template Builder Documentation for a product description and a list of available documentation.

  • 2.0 (January 2013)
  • 1.1 (July 2012)
  • 1.0 (March 2012)

ATB can import the following lexicons:

AIM Template Manager

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