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When users of your AIM template answer template questions, you can offer a list of standardized terms from a lexicon for their answers. These terms are called answer choices in ATB 2.0 but were called allowed terms in ATB 1.1. You can associate answer choices with Anatomic Entity, Imaging Observation, and Inference components, and Anatomic Entity and Imaging Observation characteristics.

Once you create an answer choice, you can add more answer choices under it hierarchically. This allows you to create new concepts, also called post-coordinated terms, from existing answer choices.

The number of answer choices you add must be equal or greater than the maximum number of answer choices you specify when you add a characteristic to a component.

  1. Right-click the component or characteristic and select Add Answer Choices or click small add button next to each Allowed Terms entry row. in the toolbar.
    The Lexicon Search dialog box appears.
  2. Select an answer choice from a lexicon you have created as follows.
    1. From the list on the far left of the page, select at least one lexicon where you believe the term you are searching for is located. Click and hold the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple lexicons.
    2. In the list to the right, enter the term you want to search for. Options include the following:
      • Click Whole word if you are entering the whole word and want to restrict your search to it.
      • Enter only part of the term, such as "Tum" for "Tumor".
      • Do not enter any terms to retrieve all terms in the selected lexicon(s).
    3. Click Search term button. All lexicon entries matching your search criteria appear in the search results.
    4. Select a term from the search results.
    5. Click Add allowed term to characteristic button.

      The answer choice appears in the Answer Choices list in the right panel, as shown below. Relevant steps in the selection of this answer choice are highlighted in red.

      Lexicon Search dialog box showing interface elements described in this procedure.

      Slide panel borders

      Adjust your view of the information in multiple panels by clicking and dragging the border between them.

    6. Click Save.
      The answer choice appears in the Template Components panel under the component or characteristic you originally selected.

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