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Associating one or more tags with a template makes it easier for you to find and others to discover a template that you created. Tags are composed of a name and a value. The tag name must be a lexicon term. The tag value can be a string you enter or a lexicon term.

  1. Click the Templates tab.
  2. Select a template.
    The template components appear in the center panel.
  3. In the Template Components panel, right-click the template name.
  4. From the menu that appears, select .
    A new tag appears in the Template Components panel.
    New tag in the template components tree for the selected template
  5. Provide the tag name and value.
    • To provide the tag name, click Select Term in the Lexicon Term (Tag Name) panel in the top right. A tag must contain at least three characters.
    • To provide the tag value, enter your own or select a term from the lexicon. To enter your own value, click Use String Value and then enter a value in the String Value box.
  6. Click Save.
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