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Associating one or more tags with a template group makes it easier for you to find and others to discover a template group that you created. Tags are composed of a name and a value. The tag name must be a lexicon term. The tag value can be a string you enter or a lexicon term.

  1. Click the Template Groups tab.
  2. Select a template group.
  3. Below the left panel, click New template group button.
    The selected template group's description appears.
  4. Click New template group button.
  5. Double-click the Name column.
    The Edit Tag Name dialog box appears.

    Edit Tag Name dialog box

  6. Click Select Term.
    The Lexicon Search dialog box appears.
  7. Select a lexicon name and then search for an existing term. For example, in the following window, the selected lexicon is SNOMED_CT and the term is Disease.

    SNOMED_CT is the selected lexicon and Disease is the term that has been entered

  8. Click Save.
  9. Assign a code or string value to the term by clicking the Value column, entering the code or string value (for example, GBM), and then clicking Enter.
  10. Click Done.
    You can see the tag when you open the template group.

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