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  1. Click the Templates tab.
  2. In the Templates panel, select the template to which you want to add a component.
  3. In the Template Components panel, right-click the template name and select Create Template Component. You can also find this option in the toolbar (Create template component button). A new panel appears on the right and the toolbar below the Template Components panel changes to provide options for template components.
    New template component panel before any options have been selected.
  4. Specify the attributes of the template component, as described in the following table.




    Double-click this field to add a label. A label becomes a heading in the image annotation form that users complete once the template is imported into an imaging application. For example, "Lesion".

    Explanatory Text

    Description of the component; for example, "Select the type of lesion".


    The minimum and maximum number of times the template will allow users to select this term when they annotate an image. Click Unlimited if users are not limited in how many times they may select this term.

    Should Display

    Select this box to display this component in the template.


    The AIM Template Builder user who created this component

    Group Label

    Any text that you want to associate with one or more template components and thereby group them together

  5. Click Save.
  6. Right-click the new template component to add the AIM elements of question, anatomic entity, imaging observation, inference, calculation, geometric shape, and allowed terms.

    Click Move Up or Move Down to change the order in which template components appear in the template.

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