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You can create a lexicon file that you can import into ATB 2.0. The lexicon file must contain terminology extracted from a standard lexicon such as RadLex, SONMED® CT, DICOM, or a user-defined lexicon.

  1. Create a CSV file with a tab separator. When creating a new line, press Enter.
  2. Make the first line the file header, with subsequent lines containing the actual data you are importing.
  3. Structure the header in the following way:
Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
Code MeaningCode ValueCoding Scheme DesignatorDescriptionParent

An explanation of the header columns follows.

Header Column NameDescription
Code MeaningA brief description of the code
Code ValueCode
Coding Scheme DesignatorA source such as RadLex, DCM, STR, etc.
DescriptionA full description of the code
Parent"Code Value" of the parent of a child term
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