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When you create a template, you add questions and answer choices that are usually presented sequentially. However, you may want certain answer choices to trigger a different question than the next one in the template. You can specify the next question to ask for each answer choice.

  1. Select the Templates tab.
  2. Select an answer choice belonging to a template component.
    ATB 2.0 Templates tab highlighting an answer choice, temporal lobe, for a template component, tumor location, and the next question to ask
  3. In the Next Question to Ask section on the right, select the next question to ask from the list of template questions. This does not need to be a sequential question. Note that in the example above, the answer choice belongs to the Tumor Location component and Side of Tumor Center characteristic. The next question in the template is Lesion ("Select the type of lesion") but the selected next question to ask is Eloquent Brain ("Select Eloquent Brain involvement feature").
  4. Click Save.
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