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This page contains all things related to the Cancer Imaging Program's Informatics Team efforts to integrate radiology into the wider TCGA activities.

Pilot Phase

A pilot project was performed in 2010 centered around the development of informatics tools to analyze the radiological data in combination with the the existing clinical, genetic, and pathological data in the TCGA Data Portal. CIP worked with both Henry Ford and UCSF to collect and de-identify the DICOM data for a subset of the GBM patients and load this data into the NCI Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) instance of the National Biomedical Imaging Archive. In parallel NCI's caBIG program funded the extension of 3 existing DICOM workstations to support standardized markup and characterization of these images utilizing the Annotated Imaging and Markup (AIM) XML standard. This effort has since led to a number of projects attempting to analyze this data.

Expanding the scope of TCGA Radiology

Continuing these efforts CIP is working to accrue images from additional sites for both GBM and the other tissue types being collected as part of the original TCGA project. These efforts are being maintained on The Cancer Imaging Archive.  More information can be found on the CIP TCGA Radiology page hosted on the TCIA wiki.

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