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Note: This collection has been migrated to The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA).  Please visit the TCIA wiki for more information: CT Colonography.


On presenting the ACRIN proposal to conduct the CTC trial to the NCI Executive Committee, a case was made that publicly accessible image data sharing would be an invaluable research asset to the image processing research community. Adding to the many merits of that proposal, the data-sharing component was strongly endorsed. ACRIN completed the trial expeditiously and its results were published in NEJM in fall 2008 to wide interest (N Engl J Med. 2008 Sep 18;359(12):1207-17). The ACRIN website has a more complete protocol description ( ACRIN has graciously permitted a wider research community access to a portion of the data from that trial.

The "CT Colonography" (CTC) image collection in DICOM format, PHI de-identified for public download contains 825 cases from optical colonoscopy (OC)-validated subjects who had same-day sequential CTC followed by OC. The attached documents separately lists OC verified cases that contain: 243 Cases where no polyp was found; 69 cases possessing 6 to 9 mm polyps; and 35 cases that possess at least one polyp "larger than 10 mm." The key to the lesion coding in those XL files is: CTC key to XL colon lesion spreadsheet.docx

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