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Even if you already have an NIH (or NCI) account, you must register for an associated CTRP account. You can create an account using Registration's account creation feature.

New users must have access to a valid email address to create an account.

A CTRP account identifies your organization affiliation, whether or not you own a particular trial record, and other such details.

How to Create a New CTRP Account

  1. Navigate to the CTRP Registration home page at For browser information, refer to Browser Support.
  2. Click the Sign Up tab.

  3. In the Email Address field, enter the email address you will use for registering trials (this should be your business email address), and then click Next. The Sign Up tab displays the new account form, pre-populated with the email address you provided.

  4. Select or enter the appropriate information in the text fields and drop-down lists. The following table describes the fields. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

    Privacy concerns

    Contact information is required for internal administrative use only. Your information is not revealed to the public.

    Field Label

    Contact information*

    Enter your contact information in the fields provided. Provide your professional information only. For countries other than the United States, select None (International) in the State field, and enter None in the Zip Code field.

    Organization Affiliation*

    Click Look Up and select the appropriate organization from the list of search results. To search for an organization, follow the instructions in Looking up Registered Organizations. (If your trial’s affiliated organization is not listed, you can ask the CTRO to create the organization record. To do so, follow the instructions in Requesting Creation of an Organization Record.)

    Once organization affiliation is established, the system displays one of the following:

    • If no one in your organization has site administrative (Admin) access, the My Account page displays a check box that enables you to request Admin privileges.
    • If at least one other person in your organization currently has a Site Admin role, the system displays the View Admins link, which enables you to display the name(s) of the current Admin(s).

    Request for Admin Access

    This check box is displayed if no one in your organization has site administrative (admin) access. Optionally, to request administrative rights for your organization, select the check box. You will receive an email message from the CTRO once your request has been approved or rejected.

    PRS Organization Name

    Type the full name of the organization as it appears in the Protocol Registration System account list at

    Keep your account up to date

    The PRS organization name is required for uploading trial records to via a system-generated file. The PRS organization name you include in your profile is included in that file. This precludes having to update the PRS name in the file. Therefore it is very important for you to update your account whenever there is a change in PRS.

    Receive Email NotificationsThe CTRP system can automatically send you an email message whenever some aspect of a trial you have submitted or own has changed. For example, the system would notify you when the CTRO has accepted a trial that you submitted. It would send another message when the Trial Summary Report (TSR) is available for review. You can choose to receive all messages or none of them:
    • To receive all system messages, set Receive Email Notifications to Yes.
    • To opt out, set Receive Email Notifications to No.
  5. Click the Sign Up button. The system sends you a message stating that you will receive an email notification with instructions for activating your account.

    Allow two business days for your account to be processed

    It may take up to two business days to create your account. If you have any questions in the interim, contact us by sending an email to

    (A business day is any weekday that is not a Federal holiday. For a list of Federal holidays, refer to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's list of Federal Holidays.)

  6. When the account information email message arrives, open it and click the embedded link to the My Account page.

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